Wk 3 Classmate Conversation with David Brown

IMG_2360IMG_2363For the first classmate conversation, I spoke with David about the many topics and reasons that make us who we are. It began with some basic ice breaker information that was along the lines of his major and a bit about himself. He told me he is currently studying Computer Engineering, and would eventually like to work somewhere in which he enjoys his job. Through my observations, he would really like to design video games since this seems to be something he enjoys. To touch on that a bit more, he definitely considers himself a gamer and heavily enjoys tinkering with different electronics/devices. On another note, David said that he took the class because he likes how viewing art makes him feel. Also, he stated that it was a good opposition to his other classes in which everything is very logic/ math based. All in all, David seems like a cool guy who is happy with his work and interests. Keep on being you, man!


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