Wk 3 Artist Conversation/Essay-Josh Vasquez


Artist: Joshua Vasquez

Exhibition: Vida/Morte

Media: Plastic Trash Bags, Ink, Red Rosin Paper, Flowers (of all types)

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://joshybehr.tumblr.com/

Instagram: @joshybehr



At first, Josh seems like a bit of an intimidating guy. But after talking to him for a moment, it is easy to tell that he is quite affable. Josh is currently an Undergraduate student in the Painting and Drawing program here at CSULB. Aside from that, he also thoroughly enjoys photography.  When asked what types of art he prefers to create, he essentially stated that he depicts what ever he is feeling at the time. Judging by this exhibition and Instagram, it is clear to see that his work explores the concepts of primarily life and death.


Completely, I found Josh’s work to be very fascinating. The use of darker colors gives off a feeling of solemnity, and darkness when viewing a piece or pieces. He also uses many thicker rounded lines/shapes which contrast the straighter, narrower ones in the piece.  The shapes he used primarily are very jagged which creates a feeling of intensity about the pieces. On the same topic of intensity, he would essentially only use shades of black for the painting aspect of the art. In a couple of his pieces though, he did use roses. Though these flowers were of many different colors, they all seemed wilted which went right along with the effect of his work.


In the creation of this art, it seemed as if Josh was in a rather dark place.  When talking with him, it seemed as if he was rather short with the answers to the questions people had asked him. Also, his facial expressions and entire mood seemed very quiet/monotone. Once those had been displayed, it made it apparent that he was not in an extremely positive mood. It seemed that though he entitled this gallery Vida/Morte , he was primarily focused on the “Morte” part of things. It is hard to tell what people are thinking at times, but here I can tell you that he was not the happiest.


As a whole, I really liked this exhibit. I was kind of put into a darker part of my mind while inside of it, but essentially did enjoy the work I viewed. The canvases on the actual paintings were very rough looking, and art of that type primarily makes me feel good. Its difficult to explain, but I’ve always had a fascination with art that looks junky but still has great depth. From what I was able to obtain from Josh, I do agree that it is important to do art that expresses how you feel. I just kind of feel bad for him as a person since most of his art (including ones with many colors) seems quite solemn and radiates a negative vibe.


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