Wk 4. Classmate Conversation with Reuben Dyce

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This week, I spoke with Reuben as the classmate of the week. I asked him a few questions pertaining to who he was. He proceeded to tell me that he was from Oxford, England. Once discovering that fascinating tidbit, I was curious to know what he was doing here. He smirked, and laughed with a reply of “What do you think I’m doing here?” which seemed a bit uncalled for. Nonetheless, he told me that he was from England studying abroad. Also, he is a mathematics major who enjoys to skate and surf in his free time. To top things off, he is also a guitar player. All in all, my talk with Reuben was enjoyable. He was quite standoffish, and radiated this feeling of acting like he was better than me. I personally find it funny talking with people like that since I know a lot about psychology and this sense of dominance that they propose is intriguing.


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