Wk. 5 Artist Conversation- Kristi Jensen

Artist: Kristi Jensen

Exhibition: Fuse (joining to form a single entity)

Media: Steel, brass, and copper

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: @whipperton


This week, I spoke with Kristi Jensen. Kristi is an artist in her thirties who decided to return to school to pursue her passion for metalworking. She is currently attending CSULB and working on a metalworking major in the art department. At first, Kristi began with a sculpture major. She continued down this road for a couple of months, but realized she would rather create compared to doing something conceptual. In total, Kristi has been working with metal for about two years. It was impressive to find that her pieces only take generally about three weeks. I was astounded by this since the sheer complexity alone is astonishing.


When it comes to Kristi’s work, the best words I can find to describe it are a mixture between Celtic, Abstract, and Egyptian. In their entirety, the pieces themselves include many gently curved lines. Also, there are others that are larger blocks of solid metal. The colors tended to be a flat brass, or a metallic silver for the most part. As a whole, I thought Kristi’s work was stupendous. It gave me a feeling that could be described as looking at a piece that was not made here. I thought jewelry/sculptures she was creating had a lot of depth, and can definitely be potent enough to have their own exhibit in a famous gallery.


Speaking with Kristi allowed me to grasp a more in-depth understanding of where the thoughts were emitted from pertaining to the pieces she had constructed. Kristi spoke a lot about the concept of creation when making any sort of art. She said that it was important to be able to visualize and conceptualize your work without any boundaries. I personally did get her drift relating to the idea of not having set boundaries, but at the same time was a tad confused by some pieces. All in all, a fair amount of the work displayed had no physical limit to what it was exploring. Its nice to see art that has no boundary nowadays.


As a whole, this gallery was a lot of fun to visit. It really captured this image of ancient metalwork with a postmodern feel. I thoroughly enjoyed the lighting and color of most of the pieces in the Exhibition. Though it was on a smaller scale, it felt like I had entered an exhibit at a large museum. I believe it may have had to do with the majesty of the pieces. Once leaving, I was left with a feeling of kindness and energy. I think this feeling primarily resonated from the art that had this almost brass or rustic hue. Ever since I was young, I have always liked how something rusted looked. The sheer depth of the color is normally what does it for me.

image2 (3)image3 (2)image1 (3)


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