Wk. 8 Automatic Drawing

image3 (5)image4 (2)image1 (6)image2 (6)

This week, the art experience stood out as particularly fascinating to me. Generally, when people think of art, they imagine something created by a single entity. When the assignment was introduced, I became enthralled. After sitting down and reading the instructions, I realized that the person I was doing this with needed to be somebody who I knew or wanted to get to know well. In result, I asked my friend Mel to help me out with this. We put on some rhythmic music and let the pencil do its thing without speaking a word. This continued for about 5 mins, and then she got an itchy nose and had to terminate the sequence. Though we had a lot of fun doing this, I did expect it to be a bit larger in scale. I wanted to take a photo of the both of us drawing this since the position we sat in looked cool; but we could not find a way since it was only the two of us, and all four of our hands were being used in the process. All in all, I thought this assignment was very entertaining. I liked how it had you almost meditate in synchronicity with another while doing this, and the fact that our relationship grew closer from performing this.


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