People wonder who is this greenish orangish character here on the moon base, whats his deal, why are his clothes all torn? If you really would like to know, I’m Fawkes McCrane. (pronounced Fox) I haven’t always lived here on Moon Base Alpha. I actually lived on earth in an earlier part of my life. You probably think I’m crazy. Nobody survived the world war between the Federation and the Resistance after the bombs dropped back in 2106. Thats where you’re wrong. I was a scientist for the Resistance during this time. We had been developing different types of fallout shelters to keep people safe in the case of a nuclear war. When the Federation finally played the nuclear card, only two of these shelters had been completed. One of which I had been fortunate enough to have a spot in. As we felt the initial crackle of the first bomb hitting Fort McArthur about 6 miles from us, we began the sealing process of the hatch. Everything seemed fine. For about three months, a group of about 70 (including myself) began our new lives. About a week later people started getting sick, very sick. This illness would essentially drive the host insane before killing them completely. My neighbor Mary was one of the unlucky ones. I remember it like it was yesterday. We were sitting in my quarters watching a stand up comedy act this comedian Jeff Dunham from the 21st century had made. She said to me “Isn’t that funny!” I said, “What is?” The tape had stopped completely maybe a minute or two prior to this. At that she cackled and bit my hand. I kind of shoved her off and she sprung up and ran down the corridor. After this point, I had never seen her again. She was one of my best friends, and I’m damn near sure I loved her. Days later, us vault dwellers began picking up a broadcast from a place called Moon Base Alpha. They spoke of salvation from this wasteland of a planet.  As our rations had been running low, the council made an executive decision to evacuate the vault and relocate to the Moon Base. I’ll never forget the day that the drop-ships came. There was a role call made to assure nobody was left behind. Everyone was there, except Mary. They had no idea how she had gotten out. Every entrance to the vault was sealed. I had the option to stay behind and attempt to find her, or ensure I would continue to live. I decided to get on the ship. We all arrived at this base, and were assigned jobs. The slip of paper I was handed said Bartender. I was not happy with it, but was dealing with my own problems. The bite on my hand. It had started getting worse and worse since we had gotten to the moon base. I began having hot flashes, cold sweats, and high fevers. The doctors in the medical unit were absolutely baffled with what had been going on. Not able to supply any more rations, they had to send me back to my quarters. That night was the longest of my life. It felt like I was going through the pain of gaining three feet in height in about two minutes. My clothes began to tare, and I could not help but scream out in agony before passing out on the floor. I woke up about three days later. The first thing I did was look in the mirror. It was odd because the mirror was now so much lower down than it had ever seemed. My muscles had all quadrupled in size, all of my hair was gone, and I had gained about three feet in height. Did i mention I was one of the scrawniest humans in the bunch beforehand? I called my boss soon after, he was heated. I told him to not be mad, but to just please meet with me in person. I went to meet with him, and he seemed to be very understanding after that point. The doctors on the Moon Base all ran tests to find out what had happened. Again, they were able to derive nothing. The only difference this time was that I had somehow become immune to radiation. To this day, I still work as a bartender here on the Moon Base. The job gets tedious, but my three friends/colleagues help to keep me sane. I continue to study science and bounce ideas off of them as to how I can get back to Earth. I know that the radiation soaked planet will no longer effect me. Mary is down there somewhere, and I need to get to the bottom of exactly what it was that made her bite change me.

Read my colleagues stories here. Maybe they will have some fascinating things to say






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