Wk. 9 Artist Conversation-Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

image1image2image3Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Exhibition: All work, All play

Media: Copper, Silver

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery


When arriving at the art galleries, I was unsure of who to speak with. I noticed a gallery in which the roof was used in a part of the display. From what I’ve seen so far no artists have used the roof in their displays, so that’s why I decided to talk with Sean. She happens to be an undergraduate student here at CSULB currently working on her BFA in the Metals program.

She also expressed that this was her last semester here, and her first ever show. As a whole, Sean stated that her work primarily explores her daily life, and own personal interests.  Though some of her work explores random thought as well as.


Most of Sean’s work emphasizes a very visually pleasing aesthetic. She spoke a lot about her work emphasizing her own ideas, and just looking at the way she dressed/ wore her hair really tied this together for me. For the most part, her work used a lot of softly curved lines. Though some were more jagged than others, her pieces still maintained a feeling of elegance. Many dark colors were used as well. I feel as if the use of these really helped to embellish the lighter colors within the sculptures and jewelry.


After speaking with Sean for some time, I was able to get a grasp on what her ideas with the work in this exhibit were. She focuses mainly on the concepts of creating a sculpture at first, and gradually forms it into a piece of jewelry. Her own daily life is stressful, so I was able to easily see how certain pieces of the art had protrusions that seemed more pronounced. She also made it clear that she was trying to explore a very comedic feel with the exhibit itself. Though none of her work was something that should not be seen by a younger generation, she posted a sign on the door stating, “Warning: Mature Content Ahead” This would pertain more to the fact of people understanding some of the pieces.


In its entirety, I really enjoyed Sean’s exhibition. The art here resembled pieces that I felt as if I would see in an ancient history museum. The work itself kind of sat with me since I enjoy  things that have a level intensity, but are also emitting a very soft feel. This specific concept was very relatable for me since that is a concept I try to address in my music. Going from low intensity to high intensity in the same sequence is an idea that is not easy to create, but she is able to capture effectively in this instance. On top of that, I liked her ideas that pertained to the exhibit as well. One thing that really sat with me was the mature content warning. Humor such as this is a large driving force in my daily life, and I’m glad it’s a large one in hers as well. Great job, Sean. Your exhibit is superb.


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