Wk. 10 Art Experience- Instagram Day


This week, in acknowledgement of Instagram day, we took photos and left them all with a specific hashtag to create a class collage of sorts. I decided to take photos of completely random things in my daily life. From my acoustic base, to a Japanese dinner, the project maintained its excitement. I’m the kind of person who enjoys art in most forms, and photography is definitely included in that classification. Though I don’t do much of it, it was still a solid experience. Looking at the class collage, I noticed a lot of similarity. Many people just took photos of random things, while others spent more time taking selfies pertaining to how they planned to kick off the break. As a whole, I noticed some connection between my own and other classmate’s activities. Though it felt very separate, there was this feeling of unity since I kind of knew some of the people I saw in the photos. Fun project all in all, good choice Glen!


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