Wk. 10 Student Conversation w/ Maddy

This week I spoke with Maddy. She is currently majoring in the Human Development program with a minor in psychology. Alongside that, she’s on her second year and is absolutely loving it. Maddy is originally from Northridge and lives here in Long Beach. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball, and simply chilling with people. She said she also plays on the Volleyball Team here at CSULB. I decided to do this thing where we asked each other what would be the first thing that comes into our mind if we had no sort of commitment and plenty of free time. Maddy said that she would  choose to hang out with friends. I asked her why, and she said it was likely due to the  matter of it being one of her favorite things to do. She then explained that human interaction is something she loves, and partaking in it makes her feel well. Thinking about this myself, I felt that this is likely the reason I spend so much time with others. All in all, I felt as if I was graced with the opportunity to talk with a very down to earth, artsy, and extremely positive individual.  Keep on doing you Maddy, cause the direction you’re moving in is certainly a good one. image1 (9)


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