Wk. 11 Turning Pages with Marta Troya

IMG_20160407_112439467IMG_20160407_111531914IMG_20160407_115357162Instead of the usual student art gallery visits, the visiting artist Marta set up an interactive art experience. We visited the library and first picked out books and read them on the bottom floor. It was fascinating because the bottom floor of the library had no space for people to sit down and read. Hence, we all sat in the middle of the waiting section for the computers. It was actually quite interesting being asked to leave since they were telling us to not read in a library. Next we went to the bookstore and were told to go to one activity in which we would spend the next few minutes just sort of experiencing it. When it comes to documenting an experience that is as ephemeral as this, I would say that the best approaches would be photography or writing. In terms of words and pictures capturing an experience, I believe it is the second best way to convey the message to somebody else who was not there. The first would be a video. On that same note, I think that the way a photo is taken does say a lot about how the image is conveyed. It has a lot to do with the emotion the person in the photo is feeling at the time. In terms of the idea of taking photos to document an experience, I believe it may take you out of it a bit. Yes, there are opportunities within the experience to take photos. The kinds of points in which the conversation may come to a break, or you’ve been at the same place for a moment and realize the group may not be vacating for a bit. Though some say this may take you out of the moment a bit, sometimes the moment itself is created by the person with the camera. I feel that there is no distance between the photographer and the event pertaining to my belief of there being a certain place the photographer holds in terms of being part of the event. In their entirety, the experiences of not taking photos in the library compared to the bookstore was something quite different. It felt like we were not in class at all since there was no required photo evidence from each student. I really enjoyed that feeling since it was not something I’de ever undergone in a work environment prior. This activity was quite fascinating in the sense that it really allowed me to look at more places for what they are. I’ve always been kind of an existential, everything is subjective kind of person, but this day for some reason made me see it on a deeper level. I was able to understand exactly how odd it seemed to not be able to read books in a library. I get it that reading in the computer lab waiting area is an issue, but aren’t those waiting for the computers going to be doing something to pass the time as well? As a whole, this activity was a lot of fun. I definitely would love to do something like this again in the near future.


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