Wk. 12 Student conversation with Jayson Fields

image1-1This week, I spoke with Jason. At first the conversation felt kind of forced, but quickly digressed into a more natural state. He told me of how he was on the club team for volleyball here at CSULB, and a bit about their career. As you may or may not have known, the volleyball team here went to nationals and had quite a journey getting there. We spoke a bit about what each of our majors are like. Jason is an athletic training major here, and absolutely loves it. He tends to do a good amount of working out, and running in his free time. When it comes to leisurely activities, he enjoys watching football and basketball.  We decided to ask each other one weird question. Or actually, i kind of initiated that idea. In result, I asked him what his weirdest fear was. He said he was afraid of the ocean. I needed to know why, and he said it was a fear of drowning. A lot of people would find that odd, but I totally understand. As somebody who paddles out in 5+ foot surf, it can be no joke out there. All in all, i enjoyed talking with you, Jayson. Keep on doing what you’re good at, because you sound like its making you happy.


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