Wk. 12 Artist Conversation with Tiffany Le

Artist: Tiffany Le
Exhibition: Tàu
Media: Canvas, Water color paintings, Paper, Charcoal
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Website: http://www.letealeaf.com
Instagram: @letealeaf 

Tiffany is currently a graduate student here at CSULB. She completed her bachelor’s degree, and decided to go on to the masters program. Pertaining to that, she happens to be almost finished since she will be graduating in May. Tiffany is currently in the Painting and Drawing program here and absolutely loves it. A lot of Tiffany’s work explores boat imagery. Many things involved include views of water, and paper boats. She made a lot of the art to reflect on trauma during the Vietnam war, and pertaining to the fact that both of her parents escaped from there during that timeframe. She spoke of how her family always was very secretive about it, and had to do some digging to finally figure out exactly what had happened. When it comes to other interests that Tiffany has, she spoke of Kenbo. She loves doing it, but doesn’t find herself with enough time to do so now days.

Tiffany’s work in this exhibit was very edgy, yet subtle. It primarily was a lot of drawings of water that somewhat reminded me of waves. Also, there were many paper boats with fancy drawings on and around them. It seemed that she primarily used watercolor, and pens to do a lot of this drawing. She also used paper it seemed to create the boats. The nature of these drawing came off as very warming since there were a lot of what people would call warm colors incorporated. On the same note, many of these drawings had little or no straight lines. The way that these came off because of this was almost enthralling.

As a whole, speaking to Tiffany was quite an experience. She spoke about how she created this exhibit based around the idea of escaping from Vietnam. Many years ago, Tiffany’s parents were Vietnamese locals. After the war broke out, life became too hectic and they needed to find a way out. Her father had to try seven times before he was finally able to escape. She based the center piece around the idea of many small things gathering to join a larger being. This takes place in the form of the many small boats surrounding the larger one. It makes sense to me because this is like the many boats escaping Vietnam, and heading to a bigger boat to make a greater journey. I can tell that she was thinking mainly about the idea of the ocean since a lot of her work symbolized that.

For me, this exhibit was quite gripping. It really left me with an idea of warmth, as well as a feeling of interest. Since I was small, I’ve always been fascinated with Asian artwork. So having the opportunity to visit an exhibit such as this as a part of school was simply amazing. Tiffany’s ideas here were remarkable, in my own opinion. I like how she created art that actually had a backstory behind it. The fact that she was able to piece together something so beautiful from a piece of history that is known for its violence is absolutely astonishing. Also, the fact that her ideas were many alike my own kind of put me in a steady headspace before viewing the exhibit. Great job, Tiffany. I hope to hear of more of your work in the futureimage1image2image3



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