Wk. 12 Location Based Gaming (Geocaching)

image6image5image4image2image3image1This week, we had an interesting experience to undertake. This game of geocaching in which people embark on a hunt to find a small treasure canister hidden somewhere we may pass by every day. In terms of the creating one aspect of this project, it was not so difficult. All I did was take an Altoid container, spray paint it silver, and put it in a crevasse between some metal pipes. In terms of the finding one section of the experience, I cant really say i had a good time. I went to an initial one, spent like an hr looking for it and couldn’t find it. Next, I went to another and spent probably another hour looking for it and couldn’t find it either. The third one was a successful find, but after comparing the coordinates given on the website to the coordinates in which I found it at, I was appalled. This project was fun, but one piece that I realized is that there is really nothing that stops anybody from taking the cache itself. Hence, there is not much of a way of knowing if you’re fishing in a fish free river. In terms of the word Muggles, it can be expanded to those who are less enlightened in knowledge about something than others. The term can kind of apply to everything that takes some experience to notice the smaller details in. I can compare this to working in a restaurant. For instance somebody who has worked at a restaurant previously may notice how busy their waiter is besides dealing with them, and somebody who has not may only focus on the fact that their food is running a bit behind. When it comes to mapping feelings and emotion onto the geography of a place, I find that difficult. I relate feelings that a place creates to the current level of light, what kind of light, the amount of sound, and how busy it is. Each of those change very frequently in most of my favorite places, so I’m not sure if the geography alone can map any of my feelings or emotions. Maybe for others it can, but I tend to be a very precise person which doesn’t allow a physical feature to do something mentally for me. There is more that goes into it besides the thing(s) itself.

The coordinates of my geocache is

N 33 degrees 51.277
W 118degrees 23.569


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