Wk. 13 Student Conversation wit Greg Plantenga

image1This week I was approached by a fairly tall individual named Greg. I was in the Dutzi Gallery looking at art, and he happened to be the only other in there. Naturally, we began to talk about what our common interests were. He spoke a lot about how much music he enjoys playing. He happens to be kind of a music appreciator like myself. He plays mainly drums, percussion, guitar, and some keyboard. Greg is from the bay area near san francisco, and originally came down here for the music scene. He’s a marketing major who enjoys talking with others, as well as creating art. Greg’s original plan was to major in music, but he finds it more practical to work on Marketing since he believes it will be easier for him to get his foot in the door that way. He’s on his second year in the marketing major, and believes its kind of fun. For the most part, he plays a lot of classical and rag time music. I like your style, man. Keep it up.


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