Wk. 13 Art Experience. Art Care Package


The art care package was something that I found to be quite interesting. The idea of giving away my art seemed interesting, so I decided to do a couple quick drawings to send to others. Compiling that among other things was not terribly difficult, but it was a bit challenging deciding what I wanted to give away. Along the lines of sending somebody one of these compared to a snapchat, I feel like this is much more personal. A snapchat fades away, but personal belongings are possible to touch. I think in terms of being personal, a snapchat is defined for a single person or specific audience. On the other hand, we likely do not know the person we’re sending the care package to. In the case of these belongings being ephemera, I believe there is value in them. Yes, they not be the oldest now, but they’re the kind of things that we will likely look back on in a couple of years and be happy that we have them. The art that people send in these care packages have a different kind of value. It may be of the quality that some would expect to see in a museum, but holds a different place since it was never displayed in one. Though it may not have been seen by many people, I find it more valuable since it has a kind of unknown side and value to it. When it comes to the idea of sending the package itself, the whole concept of the package taking time to get there is kind of cool. It feels more personal to receive something in the mail compared to over the internet. Though it can be nice to receive a photo or message on the computer, the idea of it being hand written and put through the mail is more genuine.On the other side of the fence, sometimes fast can be better. In many occurrences, things that are received nearly instantly are some of the most genuine. Such as a video for instance. A video can be sent in a box as a dvd, but also through a phone. A lot of times it may be easier for the recipient since they may not necessarily have something to play the hard copy with. Lastly, in terms of love being created through this package, I think it is very possible. You can sometimes emit love with a package by maybe decorating the box, and things inside very personally. All in all, this project was the most fun I’ve had with all of these art assignments. I hope whoever takes this class in the future has the opportunity do participate in a project as fun as this.


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