Wk. 15 Artist Conversation with Lesdy Sainz

IMG_2558IMG_2556IMG_2554IMG_2555Artist: Lesdy Sainz

Exhibition: Little Lesdy

Media: Coffee, paint, water

Gallery: CSULB Student Gallery, Gatov Gallery-East


Lesdy is an undergraduate student at the CSULB School of Art. She is an illustration major and absolutely adores it. Accompanying that, there is an animation aspect of the degree that she says is, “interesting, but I feel like I would rather make paintings and drawings.” Lesdy enjoys playing beach volleyball, hiking, dancing, rollerskating, and watching movies. Some of her art reflected roller derby, so I had to ask if that was the kind of rollerskating she fancied. She replied that it was and the reason is because she likes the competitive aspect of it. A lot of her work includes caricature, and cartoon like drawings as well.

A loft of her work includes a very cartoonish feel.  I thought it was quite nice since there was a fair amount of levity surrounding the pieces. The way that Lesdy draws creates a feeling that is not too serious about her pieces. Though there are some that are meant to be quite serious, the line structure of them gives off a vibe that only allows it to be somewhat serious. I really appreciate the fact that she doesn’t use a lot of different colors in her work. The reasoning behind this is that it gives the work a different background for each. Even her pieces that are very abstract and complex still contain a sort of setting behind them. Also, she tends to use a lot of rounded lines in her work. This tends to give off a feeling that is not as tense as other work i’ve witnessed this semester.

When talking to Lesdy about her work, one interesting tidbit that she exposed was that she liked to base her work around the things she had never done before, as well as past experiences. Knowing this, I gained a sort of interest for each piece. After asking her about many individual drawings, I tended to notice that that most were based around a thought or a time in which there was an emotion that ensnared her subconscious. For the most part though, it felt as if Lesdy was attempting to explore the concept that you can always convey a thought or scene into a work of art.

In its entirety, I was captivated by Lesdy’s exhibition. It really captured the level of abstract that I like to see in art, but incorporated the ideas of whimsical looking animated figures. In terms of the ideas, I really like that we both shared some common ground. I tend to create art that is based on thought and things that have not happened. Witnessing firsthand art that was based on the level of otherworldly that I tend to think about was wonderful. Keep on creating things like this, Lesdy.They stand out, keeps people interested, and contain just the right amount of wrong.



WK. 15 Student Conversation w/ Danielle Dallas

image1image2 This week, I decided to talk with a somewhat familiar face. Danielle and I had spoken a few other times this semester, but nothing incredibly serious. This time, we got to know one another on a deeper level. She spoke about how she is from Bakersfield, and is the first person in her family to attend college. I thought this was fascinating since nowadays, this is not a common occurrence. She also really enjoys playing the ukulele,  the beach, and Halloween. In terms of that, she stated that halloween was her favorite since you get the opportunity to be something that you’re not. I didn’t say anything then, but it happened to be my favorite for the same reason. Anyway, she also happens to be studying in Amsterdam in the fall, owns a poodle and a chihuahua, and has one brother and a sister. It was quite funny to hear that since I also have a brother and a sister. Maybe I picked the right person to talk to? Regardless, my talk with Danielle was very easygoing and down to earth. You’re a cool person, Danielle. Don’t stop standing out.

Wk. 14 Sketching in the Garden


This week, I was informed that we were going to not be doing the usual Thursday activity of visiting the galleries after showing up at the galleries that day. Next, I hurried down to the Japanese garden in time for the activity. I arrived to a nearly quiet garden with most of my classmates sitting in very different places. Each person drawing something quite different. I decided to draw things that i could kind of draw. I’m not the most artistic person when it comes to drawing, so I decided to focus on entities that were not too complex. It was a lot of fun visiting the garden on Thursday since there were many fewer people than the previous time. It was nice to be able to make some sketches in peace without having a plethora of outside noise effecting my output. To sum things up a bit, the activity this week was a lot of fun. Taking an art class, I had expected to do sketching of some sort and am glad it was a part of this class. For the photography section of the assignment, I found it a bit crowded. It was challenging to take some good photos of what was going on in the garden. Though it took some effort, I was able to snag a few keepers. The abstract side of the photos was not too difficult since it could have really been of anything there. The assignment itself was quite thought provoking on an individual experience, and very affable. I would definitely recommend this type of day to another of the classes in this department. Great last art experience, Glen! I loved it.