Wk. 14 Sketching in the Garden


This week, I was informed that we were going to not be doing the usual Thursday activity of visiting the galleries after showing up at the galleries that day. Next, I hurried down to the Japanese garden in time for the activity. I arrived to a nearly quiet garden with most of my classmates sitting in very different places. Each person drawing something quite different. I decided to draw things that i could kind of draw. I’m not the most artistic person when it comes to drawing, so I decided to focus on entities that were not too complex. It was a lot of fun visiting the garden on Thursday since there were many fewer people than the previous time. It was nice to be able to make some sketches in peace without having a plethora of outside noise effecting my output. To sum things up a bit, the activity this week was a lot of fun. Taking an art class, I had expected to do sketching of some sort and am glad it was a part of this class. For the photography section of the assignment, I found it a bit crowded. It was challenging to take some good photos of what was going on in the garden. Though it took some effort, I was able to snag a few keepers. The abstract side of the photos was not too difficult since it could have really been of anything there. The assignment itself was quite thought provoking on an individual experience, and very affable. I would definitely recommend this type of day to another of the classes in this department. Great last art experience, Glen! I loved it.